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Best Burgers
Best Burgers
1/2 lb chuck(cubes)
1/2 lb sirloin(cubes)
1/3 tsp Kosher salt

In the bowl of your Kitchen Aid food processor. Pulse the chuck about 8-10 times about 1 sec pulses. Place in a mixing bowl . Repeat with the sirloin. Add the meat to the chuck. Sprinkle in the salt. Begin heating your Lodge cast iron skillet on med high for about 2 min. Form the meat into 5-6 oz burgers. Place in the skillet and don't touch for 4 mins then flip and cook for another 4 mins. Don't press on the meat you are squeezing out the juices.

4 mins per side will give you a med rare 5 mins per side will give you a med burger