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Blackened Rib Eyes BGE
Blackened Rib Eyes BGE
Serves: 3 - 4

3 nice big rib eye steaks
1 container of ZESTY LOVE RUB
1 Cast iron skillet
1/4 c of oil

Get the EGG Blazing hot (650º - 700º). Place the skillet in the egg and let it get hot. Season the steaks with the oil and a good coating of the ZESTY LOVE RUB. Careful opening the egg, add a little oil to the Cast iron and carefully place in the steaks. I like mine rare so about 2 min per side, pull them off at 132º internal temperature for rare.

WOW what a treat !!!!!!!!!!!!! Cooked at the fantastic Eggtoberfest 2006 event by Chef Fred.