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Brined Smoked Turkey Breast
Brined Smoked Turkey Breast
1 5-7 lb Turkey Breast
1 cup of Kosher salt
1 cup Brown Sugar
Salt and Pepper
4 gallons of water

In a Large Zip lock bag add the Sugar and Salt and Pepper to the bag. Add the water and seal. Shake to dissolve. Add the breast and let brine for at least 24 hrs in the bottom of your refrigerator. Remove from the brine, rinse well and let it sit on a plate and come to room temp. Get your Egg cranking to about 350ยบ. Soak some maple chips for about 30 minutes and also have a handful of dry chips. Place the breast in the roast rack in the BGE, when the temperature is right add the dry chips and then the breast. Close the lid and let it smoke away. After about 20 minutes add the wet chips and cook the turkey until done.

The ration of salt to water should be 1/4 cup salt to 1 qt. of water. ..