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Chef and the Fatman Stuffed pork loin
Chef and the Fatman Stuffed pork loin
Serves: 8

Prepare a Big Green Egg with a 375º fire with a half moon indirect tray set up on 1/2 of the grate

3 lb Pork Loin (not tenderloin)
4 Tbl Chef and the Fatman Love Rub and your choices of spices and herbs.
6 slices of Boars Head Smoked Gouda cheese
1/2 lb cooked, crumbled Italian Sausage
8-9 slices of thin good bacon at room temperature

Butterfly a pork loin, cutting along the long side of the roundish loin. Make your first cut about 1/3 of the way down the side of the loin, then without going clear through cut back the same way you started cutting the 2/3 in half.

You should end up with a hunk of pork that looks like a tri-fold wallet.

Lay the pork in a tray or on a large cutting board sprinkling the interior with Chef and Fat Man Love rub and/or your choice of herbage and spices.

Place the sliced cheese on the inside of the pork loin laying it flat and not quite to the ends or edges.

Hand distribute the pork sausage over the inside of the pork loin trying to keep it evenly distributed and not too much on the edges or ends.

Roll up the Pork Loin the long way as tightly as you can, you may use toothpicks or skewers to temporarily keep it's shape.

Move the Loin to a large tray and lay the bacon down on the cutting board or tray slightly overlapping the bacon along its edge to form a nice rectangle of bacon.

Place the pork loin on the middle of the bacon rectangle with the seam side down.

Wrap the bacon up and around the pork loin to wrap it; again use skewers or toothpicks to keep the bacon in place and the loin tightly wrapped. You can also use string to tie the pork loin up on the outside of the wrapped bacon. The string can be removed for service.

Refrigerate the pork loin for up to 3 hours so that it will relax and the bacon will stay in place as you grill it.

Keeping the bacon on and nice looking will be a challenge but carefully brown the bacon wrapped pork loin on all sides for a nice looking crispy-bacon exterior.

Place the pork loin up on the indirect side/grate of the grill when you are satisfied with how the exterior looks.

Cook the pork loin until the coldest part of the inside of the meat is 145º,

Take the pork loin off and wrap it in a double coating of aluminum foil, then in a towel and toss it into a small cooler for about 1/2 hour.

Remove the pork loin, take off the foil and the string if using string, place loin on a cutting board and slice to suit yourself.


- Recipes cooked and developed by the team of Kevin Jenkins, Fred Genovese & Mike Papa of Peppers Stock. These recipes were cooked and performed during our show at The North Georgia Eggfest in Hiawassee, Ga. We had a wonderful time there for their first Eggfest.

Also thanks to the Hiawassee Hardware for their participation and especially John Hall for putting the event together, and Brenda McKinney for handling the Big Green Egg details.

The pork loin made it to the after party and was served and totally consumed.