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Grilled Skirt/Flank Steak
Grilled Skirt/Flank Steak
Serves: 12

2 lb Skirt steak (or use Flank Steak)
2+ Tbl. Chefandthefatman Love Rub

The night before you want to grill your skirt/flank steak: Pare any excess fat from the skirt steak being careful to leave a thin layer to provide flavor. Rub your meat with Love-Rub and place in a zip-lock bag in the refrigerator overnight. On the appointed day remove meat from refrigerator and allow to come to room temperature. Prepare Big Green Egg or other suitable grill and grill meat just enough to brown and sear the outsides turning as little as possible, depending on thickness of meat less than 8 minutes per side. Remove meat and wrap in foil to let rest for 1/2 hour. Remove foil and slice meat very thin against the grain on the diagonal so as to insure each piece has a crusty edge and an almost pink center. Serve with Green and Red Chile Paste or in Roasted Garlic Quesadillas.

Recipes performed outdoors in the large Gazebo at the American International Wine and Food (Atlanta Chapter) Annual Picnic by Chef Mike and Kevin (the Fatman) Jenkins.