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Pizza for the Grille (BGE)
Pizza for the Grille (BGE)
1 large DiGiorno frozen pizza (with whatever topping you like)
1 Pkg frozen shrimp
1 lb favorite sausage (Polish, Kielbasa etc.)
Onion, mushroom, bell pepper, any other condiments
2 pkgs sliced Provolone or Mozzarella or 1 each of both
Opitonal dust (parmesan, garlic, oregano mix)

Get BGE to 500 degrees Thaw pizza completely (takes 4-5-hours) at room temp. Slice up sausage, add sausage, shrimp, bell pepper and onion rings to your BGE fish and veggie grid (smoke these for about 10 minutes) then add to thawed pizza. (Optional) Add whatever shake you want (parmesan,garlic powder,oregano mix) BE CREATIVE! Place loaded pizza on COLD STONE (dusting of corn meal will aid in taking off...Caution don't use too much or you get burnt cornmeal coating on bottom). Place pizza in BGE for 14 minutes Add slices of cheese to cover completely cook approximately 14-16 minutes longer (or until cooked till you like it). Let rest for 5 minutes slice and enjoy It will be thick and it will be delicious.