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Pumpkin Ravioli
Pumpkin Ravioli
1 can unsweet pumpkin
1 pack WonTons skins
1/2 stick butter
olive oil
nuts(your choice of nuts, chopped

Mix Pumpkin and spices. Taste and adjust. To assemble - Place one won ton skin down and place a small amount of filling in the middle. Place another skin on top and seal it with a little water and crimp it so it won't leak. Use a pasta crimper to bind the edges. Let rest 15 mins. Bring a large stock pot of water to a simmer. In a saute pan on very LOW heat begin melting the butter with the oil and once the butter is melted added your nuts. Stay on low heat. Place 3-4 ravioli in the water and cook about 4 minutes(remember this is fresh pasta). Remove from the water and dry on a clean kitchen towel. Add the cooked pasta to the butter nut pan for a few seconds to coat then serve warm.