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Roasted Rack of Lamb BGE
Roasted Rack of Lamb BGE
Serves: 4

2 racks of Lamb (about 3-4 lbs total)
1/2 c Dijon or Pullman Mustard
1/4 c of prepared Horseradish (add more if you like to clean your sinuses)
Olive oil
1/2 c bread crumbs (Seasoned)

Get your egg to about 600º. Rub the racks down with the oil and coat with a little LOVE RUB. Sear the racks for about 45 seconds and turn them over, repeat and remove. Let the egg reduce to about 375º and while that happens prepare your racks. Mix the mustard and horseradish together and schmear the meat. Top the schmear with he bread crumbs followed by a generous dusting of LOVE RUB. ChefNote**** Cover the Frenched bones with foil so they do not burn. *** Cook the lamb rack till done to your liking medium is about 155º- .160º. Rest the rack before cutting between the ribs

Cooked at the fantastic Eggtoberfest 2006 event by Chef Fred.