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Shepard's Pie
Shepard's Pie
1 lb of White Oak Pasture Ground beef
1 med onion chopped
1 lb of mushrooms sliced
1 tsp of chopped Garlic
1 cup of heavy cream
1/2 small red pepper diced
4 cups fresh mashed potatoes

Saute the White Oak Pastures ground beef with the onion and pepper. Add the garlic and the cream to the meat mixture and stir well to incorporate. Add the mushrooms and cook for about 5 mins. Pre-heat your oven to 375. Fill a pan with the meat mixture and top with the mashed potatoes. Bake for about 20-25 mins until the potatoes are golden brown on top. Using White Oak Pastures ground beef there is no need to drain the meat because it is very lean and tasty beyond compare.

Performed by Executive Chef Fred Genovese at White Oak Pastures Farm, Bluffton Ga.