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Uncle Dick’s Cranberry Relish
Uncle Dick’s Cranberry Relish
1 package cranberries, washed
Zest & juice of one (1) orange
1 cup of sugar
1 medium can of crushed pineapple
1/2 cup of chopped pecans

Grind raw cranberries in blender Mix together and chill. Great if prepared the day before serving.

This recipe is from Myrth's kitchen (Dick's aunt/mother). At one time in her life she was a caterer and also a fantastic gourmet cook. She grew her own herbs, made her own olive oil/herb dressings. Dick's mother passed away on his 10th birthday, he lived with his dad, and then his dad passed away when he was thirteen. Myrth and Pete had only been married one year, but they took Dick and his two sisters into their home and raised them as if they were their own kids.